Andrew Packer

● 1.Tell us a little bit about yourself.

(What is the purpose of coming to Japan?) I had always had a fascination with Japan. It started when I was a child. In elementary school some Japanese people came to teach us a little about Japan and Japanese culture. One girl was so kind to me and I thought she was really cute. She was my first crush. After meeting her I wanted to learn more about Japan. It wasn’t until after I finished University that I had a chance to come here and I liked it so much I’ve been here ever since. (About your work) I work as a English teacher to Junior High school students (What are your interests?) I like making all kinds of things. I like to draw, cook, papercraft, anything really. Listening to music. Love hip hop. But pretty much anything. Basketball (When do you feel happy?) The times when I’m not feeling unhappy(?) I DON’T KNOW! I’m happy most of the time!

● 2.How many students have you taught English?


● 3.Do you give homework to students?and Why?

I do give homework at times but not often as many people are very busy. The reason I do give homework is to prepare for the next lesson or review at the beginning of the next lesson.

● 4.What are your strong points in your lesson?

Communication is the most important thing along with confidence building. When I studied Japanese, The most important thing was to talk. Making mistakes is OK. I still make many myself. You learn from making mistakes. DoN7t get hung up on using “perfect” English.

● 5.What do you think is good about learning English at WIZ?

Bright atmosphere, friendly staff, many events that give you a chance to meet the other students and teachers.