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I’m going to move to Malaysia (in two years)

Four days in Malaysia was all that it took for me to decide that that is where I would like to move in a couple of years (2 years I hope). As much as I like Japan, having lived here for six years, the lifestyle is lacking in a few areas that are important to me. One of the few things that I miss about living in New Zealand is its multiculturalism. New Zealand is something like 69% Pakeha (basically white people), 15% Maori, 10% Asian, 5% Polynesian, and 1% other. Malaysia has an even better mix of different cultures. It was fantastic to spend my days in such a vibrant mix of kind and friendly people, and cultures. The variety of foods (heaps of vegan food there), languages, styles, and opinions made me think back to my days in NZ; my friends in NZ matched those statistics that are listed above, give or take. The other thing that made me fall in love with Malaysia was the calm, relaxed, open-minded lifestyle that many of the people there lead.

My hope for the future is for my wife and I to move to Malaysia, where my wife will get a job as a tour operator and I will be a househusband. I envision myself waking up in the morning and preparing breakfast for my wife, cat, and myself; this is followed by a swim in the ocean before I do the housework and then reading for 8 hours prior to preparing a late dinner before a pre-bed cocktail. That is ‘the good-life’ to me. Hopefully only two years before my dream is fulfilled