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Hi blog,

I’m going to write about my time at Wiz.

I have been working for Wiz for about 5 or 6 years. I remember Wiz’s first school. It was a 3 bedroom apartment in Shin-Sakae. Each bedroom was a classroom and the office was in the bathroom. The kitchen and living room was the waiting area. Even though it was a little cramped it always had a positive atmosphere which helped to create a great learning environment.

After a few years Wiz moved to the larger office in Shin-Sakae. The classrooms were larger and there was an actual office and waiting area.

The classroom walls were a little thin, which sometimes made things a bit noisy, but it was still a great place to teach at, and of course learn if you were a student. The only thing I didn’t like was the bathroom. I had a bad experience with it one night. Ask Mayumi, I’m sure she’ll tell you the story.

Now I’m sitting in the new office. It’s bigger, brighter and a lot newer. It’s right in the middle of busy Sakae, which certainly is very convenient. I like it very much. The bathroom is very nice, too.

The most important thing though is not what is different, it’s what is the same. The constant, so to speak. The constant thing has been the people. No matter the place, Wiz has always had great people. Great staff, great teachers, and of course great students. The people who are a part of Wiz always try their best to achieve their goals, dreams and objectives. They are the reason why Wiz is awesome!